Synergy II

Ok, so I am completely lame at this blogging thing.

Images are important, (I get that) but, it is probably the number one reason I find it difficult to blog. We already have great sites that blog wonderful polymer clay images and I have very few images to share as attested by my wretchedly late entry into the flickr world. I have written and rewritten tons of blog posts that are just wordy - not a surprise to anyone who knows me. Most of them are somewhat on the controversial side - again, probably no surprise to some. All of them have one thing in common, my desire for discussion. So, I will make my first official (and non commercial) post about something NOT controversial, but rather something I would like to have a "discussion" about. Now, my real trick will be figuring out how to publish the comments in a timely fashion! Wish me luck!

The NPCG board has been discussing Synergy II and once again, for me, it all begins with Cynthia Tinapple's blog! What should be the subtitle of Synergy II? Her blog post today has my thoughts turning to "Making Our Way." Maybe the focus of the conference can be: Why we make what we do - the political, economic, pleasure aspects of that. Bringing together (hence Synergy) the person who makes things for pure pleasure, those who make their living out of making things, those who make only for philanthropic or political purposes. The different selling venues: online, retail craft venues, wholesale craft venues, trunk shows, out of our car and why we choose them. Why do people buy? Purely to own, to collect, to buy handmade. How and why we market to them. Public installations and how important are they. The pleasure of just gathering and making. Thoughts?