50 Today!

Turning the big 50 today! I really don't mind getting older - other than coloring my hair - my life is just getting better and better. I've done things I never dreamed I would do. I thought I would set a few goals for myself on my 49th birthday last year of some things I still wanted to do. So, today I'm ticking things off my "things to do before I turn 50" list.

  • Travel - check!

This has been a busy travel year, but I love to travel! Traveled to France, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic and soon heading to Switzerland and Cyprus. I pinch myself every morning, amazed that I get to travel this way and am so grateful to all the friends and students that have made it happen.

  • Have a website - check!

 JudyBelcherDesigns Hopefully, I keep up with it better than I have done with this blog.

  • Make something new - check!

So, I have always been obsessed with Missoni knits. I was so excited when I saw that Target was going to carry a bit of Missoni - but alas, everything sold out before I could get there. So, I made my own. Had so much fun exploring that I made a new class for CraftEdu about what I learned - It's called Polymer Micro Knitting. It's how I made the bangles in the picture.

  • Update your stinking blog - check!

Done, and done!

  • Lose 20 pounds......

Off to eat cake!!! Happy Birthday to me!